Tennis Fundamentals

Tennis is an old sport that has been passed down from the 12th century. Originating in France, citizens quickly noticed the physical and mental benefits of this beloved sport. Now, the sport has been perfected by some of the world’s most talented athletes.

The growing popularity of this sport is largely attributed to the entertainment value that tennis has to offer. Anyone can learn tennis, as long as they master the fundamentals.

Training for tennis involves a variety of factors including physical fitness, agility, and coordination. Many people who have taken up this sport have noticed a dramatic increase in these areas.


Strokes are arguably the most important part of a tennis player’s game. Once you have trained your body to see these movements as second nature, your game will greatly improve.

Forehand and backhand ground strokes are preformed by using a sweeping motion to move a low ball away from the body. Using the dominant hand, the player must swing the racket from back to front (forehand stroke) or from front to back, facing away from the ball (backhand stroke). Likewise, volleys are used to sweep the ball away from the body when the ball is in mid-air.

Serves are also important, as it could win a point automatically if you can catch your opponent off guard. Serving is performed by tossing the ball upward with the non-dominant hand and hitting the ball with explosive movement with your racket. The trickiest part of the serve is learning how to aim the ball by adjusting what angle you strike it with your racket. Learning how to put spin on the tennis ball is an art form that attributes to the success of talented athlete’s wins.

Physical Fitness

In order to be a successful tennis player, it is important to condition your body so that you do not get tired easily. A large part of conditioning consists of strength training, running sprints to increase speed and reaction times, and stretching to increase limberness and reduce injury. It is also important to improve hand-eye coordination, as this is essential to the success of your game.

Footwork and Agility

Some tennis players opt for yoga practices to increase their balance while others prefer agility exercises similar to ones used by professional football players. Either of these exercises will benefit your tennis game greatly, but combining them both is the most beneficial way to increase your agility in a shorter amount of time.

With dedicated practice to these specific areas, you can dramatically increase your tennis practice, as well as your overall health in general.