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At the request of the Ministry of Environment and Water, the Mandatory Entity of the administration of the Bioculture and Climate Change project, launches this call directed to consultants or consulting companies legally constituted in the country, for the realization of the following services.

Consulting Companies Legally Constituted In The Country
Consulting Companies Legally Constituted In The Country
  1. Consulting by product: Integration of life systems, risk management and climate change in the Integral Development Sector Plan – Environmental Component.
  2. Consultancy by product: Proposal of a Methodological Guide for the Integral Management of Forests Applied in Protected Areas from Agroecological Approaches and Management of Life Systems.
  3. Elaboration of a Financing Management Strategy for the Sectorial Plan of Integral Development – Environmental Component and Climate Change.
  4. Consulting by product: Specialist in strategic communication, environmental education and climate change

The terms of reference for each of the required services can be downloaded at the following links:

  • TDR Integration of life systems
  • TDR Guide agro-ecological activities
  • TDR Financing management strategy
  • TDR Communication Specialist

Individuals or consulting firms that meet the requirements established in the Terms of Reference, can submit their application with the following basic documents:
For companies:

  • Photocopy of the legal documentation of the consulting company (identity card and photocopy of the proxy statement of the legal representative, photocopy of the company’s incorporation testimony, photocopy of the registration of Trade Registration in FUDEMPRESA and of the updated NIT registration with photo).
  • Institutional curriculum that supports the general and specific experience of the company.
  • Resumes (not documented) of the responsible for the delivery of products of the required service.
  • Technical proposal for the development of the consultancy.
  • Work schedule.

For individual consultants:

  • Photocopy of the identity card
  • Photocopy of the NIT (updated with photo).
  • Resume (undocumented)
  • Photocopy of the university degree.

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