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Heifer Project in Bolivia: Consultancy Requirement

Final external evaluation of the Project “Peasant and indigenous families of the Andean region of Bolivia establish sustainable food systems through the management of their natural resources, agricultural and nutritional education”

Project Heifer in Bolivia (PHB) has a presence in Bolivia since 1957; As of 2007, it reaffirms its determination to help overcome the levels of poverty and social exclusion of peasant and indigenous families in rural areas and poor people in peri-urban areas, understanding the economic, political, social and cultural dynamics of the country and the environment. Heifer took a development approach based on food sovereignty, supporting initiatives in communities, grassroots organizations and non-governmental organizations that seek the construction of sustainable food systems, agroecological production, clean production, citizen initiatives, organizational strengthening, gender equity, access and control of natural resources, interaction with markets and knowledge management.

Heifer Project in Bolivia: Consultancy Requirement
Heifer Project in Bolivia: Consultancy Requirement

Objective of the project.

” Contribute to the” living well “of the rural and urban population of 5 municipalities in western Bolivia in a situation of poverty and food insecurity ”

Specific goal.

” Improve the nutritional food safety conditions of families in rural and urban communities through educational, cultural, economic – productive and political – organizational actions ”

Objective of the consultancy.

Evaluate and know the scope of the project, in terms of design, the achievement of the objectives set and the efficiency and effectiveness in the implementation and administration of the project.


The evaluation will be in charge of an evaluation team with experience in participatory evaluation processes and knowledge of the issues related to the projects to be evaluated (improvement of production and generation of family income, transformation and commercialization of agricultural products, nutritional education and hygiene, public policies and leadership), therefore the principal evaluator should have the following characteristics:


The consultancy will be carried out in the municipalities of Alalay and Tiraque in Cochabamba, in Sica Sica, Jesús de Machaca and El Alto in the department of La Paz.


Methodologically, the final evaluation process of the project will be developed in 2 phases ( quantitative and qualitative )


  • The time for the completion of the consultancy is 90 calendar days from the signing of the contract.
  • The cost of the consultancy should be reflected in the technical and economic proposal (includes fees for the technical team, logistics).
  • The form of payment will be in 3 installments: 30% to the approval of the work plan and signing of the contract, 20% to the conclusion of the field work and presentation of the preliminary report, and 50% to the delivery and approval of the final report .
  • The consultant is obliged to submit a contribution form to the AFP and the corresponding invoice.

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