Invokes Professionals In Social Sciences To Evaluate The Project


The present Terms of Reference are the guide for the evaluation of the project entitled “Domestic wage workers exercising their rights” (January 2014-June 2016) “executed by Mujeres en Acción (MACCION) with the financial support of Brücke · Le pont (BLP) This project has as a target group a labor sector constituted by the wage earning workers of the household.

Invokes Professionals In Social Sciences To Evaluate The Project
Invokes Professionals In Social Sciences To Evaluate The Project

After the Pilot Phase (2009-2010), the second phase (2011-2013), now that it is ready to finish a third (January 2014-December 2016) the need for an evaluation is presented, which in addition to assessing the level of achievement of the objectives, provide strategic orientations to both MACCION and BLP on what strategy the project could and should adopt in order to improve its effectiveness, efficiency and impact and, above all, its sustainability since the next phase 2018-2020 will be the last, at least with the approach and strategy that has been applied.

In this sense, the evaluation will cover two dimensions, closely linked: a) Value Dimension : assess the project itself in terms of its results, the strategy applied to its achievement and current institutional capacities b) Prospective Dimension that requires defining innovative strategic guidelines, which allow a qualitative leap in the results of the next phase of the project. In this dimension, it must also be anticipated which competences of the project team should be reinforced and how.


  • Professional in Social Sciences with master’s degree (exclusive)
  • Experience in evaluation of social projects using participatory approaches (at least 10 evaluations) (excluding)
  • Proven knowledge about: gender approach, labor insertion (excluding)
  • Ability to work in teams, ease of communication, establishment of horizontal relationships.
  • Work experience and evaluation with populations in a situation of socio-economic disadvantage. (excluding)
  • With availability of time to devote to this evaluation exclusively (excluding).


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