Tennis is one of the most enjoyable sports but like many, it is easy to get injuries if you are not prepared. This game can cause injury to multiple parts of the body like the spine, ankle, wrist, shoulder, elbow and knees.

Due to the surfaces that tennis is played on and the body coordination required during the game, injuries frequently occur.

Typical tennis injuries

1. Tennis elbow

The tennis elbow is a tear that occurs on the ligaments that connect the muscles of the forearm and the elbow.

It is caused when the muscles of the forearm are overused reputedly when hitting. This condition causes little flow of blood to the area hence it is troublesome to heal.

2. Shoulder tendinitis

This is a painful shoulder injury caused by overuse due to tennis serve. In this injury, there is damage to the ligaments that connect the shoulder and muscles. It extremely painful when server and maybe take time to heal. People with shoulder tendinitis cannot raise their arm past the shoulder level.

3. Knee tendinitis

This is a common knee pain among sportsmen that also affect tennis players. In particular, patella tendons are affected in this case. Stopping the pain causing activity is crucial once the pain starts to occur.

4. Wrist tendinitis

Another type of tendinitis is wrist tendinitis. It is also caused by overuse of a certain group of muscles which lead to damage in attached tendons.

5. Achilles tendinitis

Another common injury is this. It is caused by activities which lead to a sudden stop. This damages this tendon which runs from the heel up to the back of the lower leg. Being the largest and the strongest tendon, the injury may be severe.

6. Ankle and foot sprain and strains

When it comes to sprains the ligaments are injured. With strains, the tendon is affected. Ankle sprains during tennis matches are very common due to the quick changes of direction on hard turf. Lower leg strains can affect the calf and the hamstring. Ankle braces are the best way to keep practicing and playing until you are fully healed, and the best are listed here.

Preventing tennis injuries

1. Good preparation

It is important that before taking to the tennis court to play, one should prepare adequately for the game and have their mind in the right place. If you are not mentally focused on the game, distraction and lead to injury because you have less mind-body awareness.

2. Warm up

Many sporting activities, tennis included, require players to do a warm up before touching the racket. Warm ups literally warm up the muscles so they are flexible once you start to run faster and play harder during the game. These include stretching and jogging, and easy play. A warm down is also important since it keeps the muscles from tensing up after a training session.

3. Maintaining fitness level

It is advisable to do exercise regularly so as to be in a top notch state to play tennis. Once you start to fall out of shape, your muscles become tighter and less flexible, and you are more prone to injury. You are also less coordinated when you return to sport after a long hiatus, so pushing yourself to 100% speed can cause balance issues, which may cause injuries like rolling the ankle.

4. Having qualified coach

Having a coach helps a tennis player since they give directions on which exercises to do and how it should be done. A coach can also look at your objectively and see if you are performing movements correctly which may otherwise make you more prone to injury.

You can review videotapes of your performance with a coach and see where you need to correct your posture and form.

5. Avoid overuse

It is also important to avoid overuse of a single technique in the game as it may cause strains. It is best to have a wide range of techniques to choose from when hitting the ball. As you become a more advanced tennis athlete, you will learn these skills and you will be able to use them in a game situation.

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