Requirement of the Aid Administrator in Action in Bolivia

Objective of the position:

Manage and supervise the incorporation and use of financial, human and material resources of Ayuda en Acción in Bolivia according to the principles of transparency, quality, austerity and efficiency that the organization promotes, always ensuring the best management of the assets of the entity .

Collaborate in the achievement of the objectives of the Organization and promote the implementation and execution of the institutional processes in Bolivia, in coordination with the teams of the Headquarters of Spain and the team of the National Program of Bolivia.

Requirement of the Aid Administrator in Action in Bolivia
Requirement of the Aid Administrator in Action in Bolivia

Main responsibilities:

  • Manage the financial, human and material resources of the institution complying with legality and current control systems.
  • In coordination with the other people in charge of Ayuda en Acción in Bolivia and the Headquarters team, ensure the adequate allocation of resources for the efficient fulfillment of the founding objectives of the entity.
  • Manage the human resources of Ayuda en Acción in Bolivia selection, incorporation, payment of salaries, training, temporary redundancies, termination of the employment relationship, etc. according to strict compliance with the applicable regulations.
  • Supervise and manage the acquisition of goods and the contracting of works and services in accordance with applicable procedures and regulations.
  • Coordinate the processes of budgeting, execution and control of the financial resources provided by Ayuda en Acción in Bolivia.
  • Supervise and manage the institutional treasury, as well as the preparation and updating of the inventory of goods.
  • Periodically prepare the financial statements in accordance with legal and tax regulations and the accounting principles and regulations in force in the country.
  • Supervise the correct execution of the financial, accounting and administrative processes that are subcontracted to third parties, so that they respond to the needs of Ayuda en Acción in Bolivia and are provided in a timely manner.
  • Periodically report -by the established channels and mediating tools- the financial and accounting statements to the Ayuda en Acción Foundation.
  • Ensure compliance with all legal and tax obligations of the institution in accordance with the requirements and regulations of the Institution itself, as well as all public agencies and relevant private entities.
  • Supervise the execution of funds assigned by Ayuda en Acción of Bolivia for the execution of the projects, whether managed by Ayuda en Acción of Bolivia or by third parties.
  • Coordinate the monitoring, supervision and administrative-financial audit of the institution.

Knowledge and experience:

  • Essential: Certified Public Accountant.
  • Higher studies in Auditing, Economics, Business Administration or Accounting.
  • Experience of at least 5 years in similar positions in international cooperation organizations.
  • Advanced knowledge of accounting, treasury management, tax and budget management and the VAT recovery system.
  • Knowledge of the labor, tax and contractual legal framework in force.
  • Good knowledge of Microsoft Office and the Internet: Advanced Excel
  • Knowledge of ERP, knowledge of SAP will be valued
  • Current driver’s license (valuable).

Skills and competences:

  • Capacity for dialogue and to build and maintain effective relations with the human team of the Organization and with external partners
  • Orientation to results
  • Rigor both in the quality of the information and in the compliance with the established deadlines
  • Analytical capacity

Other requirements:

  • Availability to travel and travel to rural areas
  • Flexible schedule

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